Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cashcrate Pays Monthly

This is one of the reasons people don't like Cashcrate.They don't pay daily through paypal,alertpay,or any other payment processors and people are very impatient when it comes to money.Everyone wants their money now,now,now!Unfortunately Cashcrate doesn't pay through paypal daily and people want proof of payment quickly so they don't feel like they are completing offers for a whole month straight and not knowing if they'll get paid.That is a fact which is another reason it can be hard to get some decent referrals and why people tend to just give up.I haven't had any new referrals in a good while for Cashcrate because the trust level for Cashcrate has been pretty low.What can we do to boost trust?The truth is,is that I'd much rather be paid monthly than get a payment each week.For the reason that you've worked hard for a month straight and it feels better to me to get a big fat check than small payments each week. Working hard for a month gets you a large check like this!


Instead of small tiny payments through other GPT sites.Obviously,this payment didn't come from all completing offers because you can't make 900 dollars with Cashcrate by only completing offers.This came from referrals.Also,did I mention Cashcrate has the best referral system of all GPT sites?That's a fact and is the reason I've stayed loyal to Cashcrate for more than a year now.


  1. Did u do any offers at all to get that much? If u did can u give me tips to get the offers to approve my pending offers is 204.65 and my earnings is only 20.25 can u please help me

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