Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its Funny To Me

I was reviewing my recent history of posts and saw the going back to school post. Its amazing how fast time goes by as i now can post another going back to school post once again. It seems like just 10 seconds ago i posted the other one. "Time keeps on slippin slippin, in to the future."

Its no joke. You got to keep up with the current, it moves very swiftly.Swiftly enough to carry you out to sea.

Making Money while I'm away from the computer

Hey i have been gone for a while. Ive been allowing referrals to earn my check every month for cashcrate and to allow me to get my paypal money from cashpirate. Its going good and i got adsense making me some cash too.

I have strayed away from PTC Sites.

Why? Simply because they are becoming difficult to make good money with.Also i don't have the time to click the ads everyday. PTC sites require you to click the ads so that you can earn money from your referrals.If you don't click, you dont get paid anything.

Also i need to update my site. Some of these ptc sites arent very trustworthy anymore.Due to the economy, its also hitting down on these sites and they are having trouble generating revenue as well.