Friday, July 31, 2009

Cashcrate-Came Away With Only 30 Bucks

So it is the end of the month and if you've reached the minimum cashout of 20 dollars at Cashcrate,you can receive your payment.I reached only 30 dollars this month.I have 60 referrals which is pretty good yet my payments are still pretty low.I have lazy referrals is why.I was also too lazy to do offers myself.People often end up with like 100 dollars soley on doing offers,I need to break this lazy streak of mine and step up my offer completions if I want to make some money.I'll post a payment proof when I receive my payment.Also once you reach at least 50 referrals you start getting your check sent to you on the 1st instead of waiting for it to be processed on the 15th and get it on the 20th if you have lower than 50 referrals so that is another great thing about Cashcrate.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Bonus Of All GPT Sites

Cashback shopping is another bonus of all the gpt sites here except Cashlagoon.What is cashback shopping?Cashback shopping is exactly as it sounds,you shop a site using one of the gpt sites here and they have a list of great shops to shop from online and when you buy something,you get a % of your money back for shopping at that site using that GPT site!It can be from anywhere from 2% money back to like 25% money back from shopping various sites!This is just another great thing about GPT sites!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I Recommend GPT Sites over PTC Sites

There are a few reasons why I recommend a "Get paid to" site over a "Paid to click" site.Firstly it can be very hard to earn a good amount of money with these sites due to the fact that you only earn about 1 cent per click that you click but the sole money comes from referrals so if you aren't good at getting referrals then PTC is definitely not for you since you get about 7-10 ads per day=7-10 cents per day which would take like a week and a half just to earn a dollar but if you have referrals then the money increases much quicker.The next reason is there are a lot of scam ptc sites out there.It is much easier to scam being a ptc site rather than being a GPT site so people who are out to fraud you take advantage of that.GPT sites are much easier to make money with and more GPT sites are paying than PTC sites paying.GPT doesn't require a lot of referrals to make a good amount of extra cash even though doing offers is takes more time than simply clicking an ad for 30 seconds and getting a penny.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Favorite Money Making Sites Now

My favorites are:

Cashcrate-This is an obvious choice due to their reliability and scam-free system they have over there.It is by far the best gpt site out in the buisness now and I am happily making lots of money on this site easy and free.

Palmbux-Palmbux is definitely my favorite PTC site out on the market now.My friend told me about this site and it is the best thing my friend could have done for me.My referrals are steadily growing and my money is steadily increasing as well.It is an overall great site with a low 2$ cashout!

Cashlagoon-Cashlagoon has been one of my favorite gpt sites due to the fact that there is NO MINIMUM CASHOUT meaning i can get my money even if i have only 1 penny in my account.I easily cashout and receive the payment in like 5 minutes in to my paypal account.It is really fast money and easy money as well with a nice helpful forum and an easy site to understand.

I tell you my favorite sites because these are the sites I most recommend overall the sites in this blog.A lot of these sites are just added so I can add more content to this blog for more traffic and just to review various sites that you may come across.But honestly all you really need is a few good sites(3 for me) which are above for your pleasure.

Can I Quit My Job And Work From Home With These Sites?

Not Recommended if you have a steady paying job but these sites are a great thing to do as a student in college or in high school and need to earn some extra cash in pocket.Due to it starting to get hard to apply for jobs now especially where I live there isn't a whole lot to turn to so this is why I turned to online sources of money and luckily I found them.So this is a great thing for students to do instead of taking on hours of labor for low 7 dollars an hour at most and a great way for working people and even senior citizens to make EXTRA CASH while having a steady paying job.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scam List

List of Scam Sites.It is alphabetically organized so just search the site you may be curious about.All sites that are not scams are located in other posts in this blog so you don't even need to bother searching because I have legitimate sites already listed.This is just a resource in case anyone needs it.

The list:




























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