Friday, July 31, 2009

Cashcrate-Came Away With Only 30 Bucks

So it is the end of the month and if you've reached the minimum cashout of 20 dollars at Cashcrate,you can receive your payment.I reached only 30 dollars this month.I have 60 referrals which is pretty good yet my payments are still pretty low.I have lazy referrals is why.I was also too lazy to do offers myself.People often end up with like 100 dollars soley on doing offers,I need to break this lazy streak of mine and step up my offer completions if I want to make some money.I'll post a payment proof when I receive my payment.Also once you reach at least 50 referrals you start getting your check sent to you on the 1st instead of waiting for it to be processed on the 15th and get it on the 20th if you have lower than 50 referrals so that is another great thing about Cashcrate.


  1. Nice updated blog! And 60 referrals is a great start. You also made more then I did! Keep working on the referrals and that money will be coming in and thanks for the visit!

    CashCrate - Make Money Online and From Home!

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