Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I Recommend GPT Sites over PTC Sites

There are a few reasons why I recommend a "Get paid to" site over a "Paid to click" site.Firstly it can be very hard to earn a good amount of money with these sites due to the fact that you only earn about 1 cent per click that you click but the sole money comes from referrals so if you aren't good at getting referrals then PTC is definitely not for you since you get about 7-10 ads per day=7-10 cents per day which would take like a week and a half just to earn a dollar but if you have referrals then the money increases much quicker.The next reason is there are a lot of scam ptc sites out there.It is much easier to scam being a ptc site rather than being a GPT site so people who are out to fraud you take advantage of that.GPT sites are much easier to make money with and more GPT sites are paying than PTC sites paying.GPT doesn't require a lot of referrals to make a good amount of extra cash even though doing offers is takes more time than simply clicking an ad for 30 seconds and getting a penny.


  1. I completely agree with you. You can make money quicker on GPT websites.

  2. I second that. The penny sites of signed up for just never seem to pay off. GPT is the way to go.

  3. Yea,the only way to really earn decent cash is to get a lot of referrals for these ptc sites but if you don't then it can be difficult to earn.I like GPT and PTC but i prefer GPt over PTC sites