Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cashpirate Review (GPT Site)

Cashpirate is becoming my favorite site for quick and easy cash.It is a fairly newer gpt site with great potential.

Things I like:

-High crediting,paying offers,they confirm in less than 10 minutes.
-A chatbox where the Admin is usually always on to help you.
-A good forum/community
-Awesome jackpots and contests
-active site with a lot of new things always available.
-Low 5 dollar minimum cashout through paypal and also a 10 dollar minimum to cashout to have money on your Amazon account or Ebay gift card.

Things I don't like:

-There is no 2nd level referral level so there is only a 1st level which is 20% from your 1st level referrals.
-The prizes aren't all that great either.

Other than that,Cashpirate is a great site for quick cash when you need it! Sign up today!


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