Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cashtroops Scam

Well I also want to share the sites that I've encountered that have not paid is one of those sites.The site looked legit and promising and had many features I liked about it including the sidebar which told you what offers have recently approved.But there is one thing that was bad about this site Cashtroops.IT DOESN'T PAY!The site claims to have no minimum requirement for cash out so I completed an offer and got 40 cents in my earnings.I decided to cash out to make sure the site was legit.It claims to pay in under 24 hours.I didn't get my payment.I made sure everything on my account was correct and was in order and I checked my history of payment requests and it showed there but I never received the payment.So I issued a support ticket,but they don't answer my tickets either.So I declare a scam site.

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