Thursday, June 18, 2009

GPT(Get Paid To) Overview

Here are a few FAQ's to help you understand about a Get Paid To Site.

What is a GPT site?

A GPT or get paid to site is a site that pays you to complete free offers,register for free sites,and complete free surveys and quizzes.GPT sites are an extremely easy way to earn cash online

How Do These Sites Work?

Well advertisers pay the GPT site to host their sponsored offers,surveys,or quizzes,etc. and members of that GPT site complete these offers and once the site finds out that you've completed that offer,they pay that GPT site and that gpt site passes a percentage of that cash down to you.

Are GPT sites Free?

Completely free with options to do Trial Offers which you can pay for which aren't necessary to complete.

Are GPT sites legal?
Yes Get Paid To sites are completely legal.

What is a referral program?

GPT sites offer you the ability to refer people to their sites using a unique referral ID and when a new user signs up using your link you become their REFERRER and you earn a percentage of all the earnings that they earn forever.You don't take a percentage of cash away from that referral,that gpt site gives you an additional percentage of cash for referring that member so nobody and is hurt and the referrer gains a referral(Commensalism).

How Old Do You Have to Be to Join A GPT Site?

It depends on which site you are on.Some sites only require you to be at least 13 and others 18 years of age.Note* Most offers on GPT sites require you to check a box saying you are 18 so if you are 13 you will have to be involved with the referral program.

How much can I earn with a gpt site?

Well there is no limit and the amount that you earn depends solely on you.Members can earn hundreds monthly even thousands depending on how many referrals they have.

When Do I get Paid From GPT Sites and How?

It depends on which site you are using,some sites pay monthly through check others pay instantly through paypal or alertpay once you reach the MINIMUM CASHOUT which is the amount of cash necessary for you to request your payment.

Who Runs GPT sites?

This also depends on the site you use.It can be a big corporation or it can be just one person(of course with helping people) who owns it.Even though it isn't a big corporation,this doesn't mean the site doesn't pay.

Are all GPT Sites Legit?

No,of course there are some out there who won't pay their members and keep all the cash for themselves.


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