Thursday, June 18, 2009

PTC(Paid To Click) Overview

Here are Frequently Asked Questions for Paid to Click Sites.

What Is A PTC site?
A PTC or Paid To Click Site is a site where you can earn cash online by simply surfing ads that advertisers have placed on that PTC site for members to click and view.These ads usually contain different things usually links to other money making sites so that advertiser can benefit.Once a member clicks an ad and views it for usually around 20-30 seconds they get paid.Members usually get .01$ to .02$ per ad surfed.

Do PTC Sites Have Referral Programs?

Yes you also earn cash by referring members.So If there are 4 ads available to click one day,and you click 4 and you have one referral who clicks 4 then you've made 8 cents.That's only with 1 referral though.

How Many Ads Do I Have Available to View Daily?

This also depends on the PTC site.The most I've ever seen in one day was about 15.

How Do PTC Sites Pay Me?

PTC sites don't usually pay through check,actually I've never encountered a PTC site that pays through check.PTC sites pay through Paypal and/or Alertpay.

Is Advertising Expensive on PTC Sites?

No actually advertising on PTC sites are incredibly cheap and effective.

Are PTC sites Legal?

Of Course.

Are All PTC Sites Legit?

No Of course there are some PTC Sites who won't pay their members but I only provide you with legitimate paying PTC sites.

Are PTC Sites International?

Yes just about all PTC sites are international since they pay through paypal/alertpay.

When Do I Get Paid By PTC Sites?

Just about all PTC Sites pay instantly once you reach the MINIMUM CASHOUT.The minimum cashout is the amount of cash necessary for you to be able to request your payment.

These are potential earnings that you can earn with a pay to click site.

» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10

» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00

» Your daily earnings = $2.10

» Your weekly earnings = $14.70

» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

That sounds great to me, thats extremely easy cash too and that's ONLY with 20 REFERRALS.


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